Phyto Testing Services Ο.Ε. (PTS) has been established in 2011 in order to offer a range of cotton breeding and variety evaluation services. Company facilities are located on 2nd Km Giannouli-Falani in a total area of 200 sq.m.

Plant breeding is developing genotypes adapted to greek environments. Breeding objectives can related to yield increase, disease tolerance and quality characteristics. Usually, it takes several years before a variety enters replicated trials across locations and years in order to become commercial. Even a variety is commercial, maintenance and seed multiplication is breeder’s responsibility according to Greek Legislation. Part or whole procedure can be the objectives of Phyto Testing Services to other local or multinational seed companies.


For Phyto Testing Services honesty, intergrity and respect to all partners is basic principal. Our intention is to satisfy our clients with continuous progress of our services, based on our principles and values.


Phyto Testing Services is commited to offer services with high scientific standards via genetic and plant breeding principles. Our purpose is to develop clean, high quality seed with accurate and reliable data.


  • Experienced personnel with PhD on Genetic and Plant Breeding
  • Direct access and communication with the manager
  • Confidential and personalized services
  • Experience in import and export genetic material
  • Plant breeding advises
  • Competitive prices